Bura Lumpai is a luxury resort in the alluring valley of Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, offering guests a rejuvenating experience infused with natural harmony and tranquillity. Located just outside the town centre on the peaceful banks of the gentle River Pai, the resort offers breathtaking views across rice paddies towards lush mountains. This idyll is situated within easy walking distance of the f amous Coffee Tea Sapan (once Wawee Coffee) shop, Sapan Pai Restaurant (sapan means bridge) and the historical Japanese Bridge. Bura Lumpai offers 7 deluxe villas for individuals or couples and 1 family villa (with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms), all overlooking a beautiful freshwater fishing lake. For those seeking immersion in nature, Bura Lumpai also provides camping grounds along the banks of the River Pai, offering both luxury equipped sites, or sites where you can bring your own tents. Bura Lumpai believes in the preservation of harmony between man and nature and is dedicated to creating a habitat for north Thailand's indigenous animals. The resort sustains its beautiful environment by planting trees, encouraging bird nesting, and bringing the best elements of nature into the heart of Bura Lumpai's many offerings of accomodation and leisure.

Coming soon: 16 luxury rooms well equipped for your comfort and style. .

Bura Lumpai Resort